Guest Comic: Teddy

February 12, 2021
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Author Notes:

cerebroheart 12th Feb 8:00 AM, 2021
And to start off guest page week, we have a whopping 4 page comic from my friend Teddy!! He does really cool illustrations and comics of his own, so please check him out on Instagram! He's funny and stylish and, tbh, what more could you ask for.


Jomomma 17th Feb 9:41 PM, 2021
Iris Pain gives readers a delightfully dark and charmingly stormy tale worth striking upon! Iris’ dry witted humor Will leave you begging for the leftovers! Shaded by hues of purples, yellows and neutrals... especially when Delila’s turned on the lights...Iris Pain introduce his readers to the genesis of Iris’ deadpan internal-dialogue survival guide and their ongoing quest of making it through work-nights (and days!)