Delilah Zhang is missing 8 years of her memories. Even through reality-bending headaches and rising tensions with her siblings, Delilah wants nothing more than to know what happened. While she faces a superpowered world outside and a warped mindscape inside, she never stops to consider that remembering might hurt more than forgetting.

OmniPresence is a teen psychological comic about family bonds, grief, and understanding yourself as you grow up. And sweet superpowers.

Eli Hart is the lead artist and writer on OmniPresence. They have a fascination with neuroscience and psychology, art nouveau, and punk rock. 
Support on their Patreon makes the comic possible: http://www.patreon.com/CEREBROHEART
They can also be found on Twitter and Instagram.

Jack Dawidowicz, better known as Oblivion, is the co-writer of OmniPresence. He enjoys the aesthetics of space and has a knack for tabletop and video games.
He can be found on Twitter.